Feast of Tabernacles 2012
near Bigfork, Montana

NOTE: This page will be updated for 2013 the week of April 8th 

The Montana brethren of United Church of God are very thankful to UCG Home Office and Ministerial Services for permission to again have a restricted attendance site in Montana. This site allows many of our under-employed, unemployed, and indviduals on fixed incomes to be able to attend the feast . . . whereas otherwise they would not be able to attend due to distance, finances, and health.

The attendance limit this year is 150 individuals.  This gives us room for approximately 75 guests from outside Montana. As of September 1st, we have over 150 registered!  So the site is now at capacity!  

We have firm pricing from Big Sky Bible Camp regarding meal prices for the 2012 Feast . The will remain the same (!!!) as for the last two years. Prices are $5 per meal, except the Sabbath Brunches, which are $7. Please register for meals by 7 pm, Tuesday, September 18th.

Meals will be served everyday and will be catered by the camp staff.  These meals are an excellent value and also VERY delicious!  Anyone attending the Bigfork site is welcome to have meals in the dining hall whether staying on or off-site.  The sharing of meals together is truly a wonderful way to fellowship and get to know one another.

NOTE: Hotel/motel rooms, vacation homes, and condos in nearby Bigfork and Kalispell are plentiful. 

Rates for camping spots at the Big Sky Bible Camp are $5 per unit (tent, camper, or RV) per night... but there are no dump facilities or electrical hookups.

Those staying off site will be asked to pay a $2.50 per day camp use fee. Those staying off site are still welcome to purchase meals at the dining hall.

Other announcements for those coming to the feast at Bigfork:

  • We have the Big Sky Bible Camp reserved from Friday night, September 28th until Tuesday morning, October 9th. So if you are staying on-site, you are welcome to come early if you desire. Additional nights will be charged at the same rate as during the feast. There will be no meals served or prepared by the camp staff until dinner, 6 pm on Sunday, September 30th. If you arrive early and stay in the dorms, you will need to make other arrangements for meals.

  • The only UCG Sabbath services on September 29th held in Montana will be at 2 pm at the Big Sky Bible Camp

  • The Friday evening Bible Study on October 5th will be a two plus hour presentation by Randy Stiver on tracing the migration of the lost tribes of Israel. It will begin at 7 pm on Friday night.

  • Those interested in being in the choir or performing special music need to contact Dwain Sanders if you have not already done so.  His email address is dwainsanders@msn.com

  • The theme of this year's dance will be a 50's Sock-Hop. Period dress from the 1950's would be add to the evening.

  • Those wanting to attend the Ladies Tea, please find more information and a registraion form on the Ladies Tea page.

  • There will also be a used clothing exchange, so bring any used clothing that is still in good repair. Please be sure the clothing is clean and marked with the sizes.

  • Those staying in the dorms or cabins, need to remember to bring bedding, towels, and toiletries. They are not provided by the camp.


Below is a photo gallery of the Big Sky Bible Camp where we will be having the Feast.


Dining Hall
Dining Hall
Dining Hall
Meal Time at the Dining Hall
Having Fun at the Ropes Course
Back side of the Meeting Hall
Inside of Meeting Hall - facing stage area
View of Lake from the Dining Hall
One of two dorms. Each with four rooms with bathroom that sleep 11
One side of one of the dorm rooms.
The two dorm rooms on each floor share a common living room.
View of the lake from the dorm balcony
Part of the Camping area
The camping area has a nice bath and shower room. A laundry is on the opposite end