I John 2:18-23 The Antichrist

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Speaker: Daniel Deininger
Date: June 12, 2024


In I John 2:18-23, the apostle John addresses the concept of the Antichrist and offers guidance to his readers:

Warning of the Last Hour (2:18): John alerts his readers that it is the “last hour” and that many antichrists have already appeared. This is a sign that they are living in the end times.

Identifying Antichrists (2:19): He explains that those who left the Christian community were not truly part of it. Their departure reveals that they never genuinely belonged to the faith.

Anointing and Knowledge (2:20-21): John reassures believers that they have been anointed by the Holy One, giving them the knowledge to discern the truth. He emphasizes that he is writing to them because they know the truth and can recognize lies.

Denial of Christ (2:22-23): John defines the antichrist as anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is also denying the Father. Acknowledging the Son means having a relationship with the Father as well, while denying the Son severs that relationship.

In summary, John warns of the presence of antichrists, reassures believers of their knowledge of the truth through their anointing, and clarifies that denying Jesus as the Christ is the hallmark of the antichrist. 

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