Gospel of Mark – Chapter 13:19-20 Olivet Prophecy – The Great Tribulation

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Mark Chapter 13:19-20 contains Jesus’ Olivet prophecy about the Great Tribulation. Jesus warned his disciples that a time of great distress, unlike any other in history, would come upon the world. This period of tribulation would be so severe that unless it were shortened, no one would survive.

Jesus also warned his followers to be on guard against false prophets who would arise and claim to be the Messiah, performing miraculous signs and wonders. These false prophets would deceive many, leading them away from the true path of salvation.

But despite the hardships and suffering that would come, Jesus promised that those who remained faithful to the end would be saved. He encouraged his disciples to endure and hold fast to their faith, knowing that their redemption was drawing near.

In summary, Mark Chapter 13:19-20 contains Jesus’ warning about the Great Tribulation, the deception of false prophets, and the promise of salvation for those who remain faithful.

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