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by | Mar 20, 2023 | Pastor's Letters | 0 comments

Greetings from Helena!

Certainly much nicer weather this week than last. We’re sorry we couldn’t make the trip to Billings, and appreciate everyone’s understanding. With the availability of technology we were till able to connect virtually. It seemed that those that stayed for the online Sermon Discussion afterwards enjoyed it. I appreciated the amount of participation and hope it will increase as we all become more comfortable with the format.

With the large geographical size of Montana and challenges of distance and me only being able to physically be at one congregation a week, I think hybrid church or “meta” church has much potential for us in Montana. Rather than just using the internet to “broadcast” services I am striving to use conferencing software (GoToMeeting, now with the shortened name of “GoTo”) to make it possible for those who are remote to be more directly involved in both Sabbath Services and the fellowship and discussion after services.

As those who have been attending online bible study and Sabbath services have experienced recently, we are only recording the sermon or “instructional” portion of the bible study. (We are striving to get these recorded portions of the messages online on the newly updated website within a couple of days, along with the notes and additional study material resources.) We then stop the recording and have an interactive discussion of the material that has just been presented. The interactive portion is not just for those “in the room” physically, but also for those who are participating online. I am also trying to add discussion questions with the notes. See

I certainly welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve the use technology to do God’s work in Montana. If you would like to be help in this effort, also please contact me. I will give you more updates in the future as I incorporate more aspects of proclamation and discipleship making into the website.


This past week we began studying Mark 14 in our Wednesday night online Bible Study. I appreciate the comments those attending are making in the second half discussion portion. This week we will move into the final hours of Jesus’ life – the Passover with his disciples, trial, crucifixion, etc.

Wishing you all an enjoyable, restful and meaningful Sabbath!

Warm regards,

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