God’s In Control!

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Greetings from Helena!

The news this week has not left me feeling very optimistic. However, when I consider that God is in charge and already has a plan He and Jesus Christ are working out I am relieved and thankful! It seems our enemy would like us to be so distracted by the myriad things that we are exposed to each day, that we would be overwhelmed and just give up. He would like us to be so distracted, overwhelmed, or absorbed in events around us that we would not make time to pray or study God’s scriptures – worthwhile uses of our time that nurture our minds and give us a positive perspective. Positive because we see that GOD is in charge – not Satan – and His plan is one of HOPE for all mankind.

His annual Holy Days reveal His plan. In His wisdom He knew we would need them to keep His vision clear and bright in our minds and hearts. He knew we would need an annual reminder, and an annual “refresher”. I encourage you to direct your bible study in the days ahead to the role of Jesus the Christ and the importance of His life … and death… and resurrection. Understanding Him is a key foundational part of understanding all of God’s plan! And what an amazing plan it is!


With the Spring Holy Days so close, I wanted to get you all our schedule for the next 8 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact me.

March 25th 1 p.m. – Sabbath Services in Kalispell
April 1st 1 p.m. – Sabbath Services in Missoula
April 4th 8:15 p.m. – Passover Ceremony in Helena (Webcast)
April 5th 7:30 p.m. – Night to Be Much Observed Meal in Helena
April 6th 1 p.m. – First Day of Unleavened Bread Service in Helena
April 8th 1 p.m. – Sabbath Services in Billings
April 12th 1 p.m. – Last Day of Unleavened Bread Service in Helena
April 15th 1 p.m. – Sabbath Services in Helena
April 29th 1 p.m. – Sabbath Services in Missoula
May 6th12:30 p.m. – Webcast from Cincinnati (General Conference of Elders)

All services will be webcast.

For those that can not make it too Helena for the Spring Holy Days we encourage you to make plans to gather with others in your area to celebrate them together if possible. Please contact me if you need help in making plans.

We wish you all a good, restful, and spiritual refreshing Sabbath! If Val or I can be of any service or help, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email!

Warm regards,

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